School Policies

Sekolah Menengah (Swasta) Saleha Genting Highlands (SMS Saleha) and HIBS has adopted and practiced the following policies to ensure good governance and to provide a safe and conducive environment for our children to grow and develop.

1. No Smoking policy. The School and its environment is a non-smoking area. Staff and students are prohibited from possessing cigarettes or smoking within its premises.

2. No Drug Policy. We have an anti-drugs policy in place. All drugs and drug-related substances are banned. Offenders will be referred to the relevant Government agencies.

3.Handphone Usage policy. Students are allowed to use handphones during the time specified by the school only.


4. No Violence Policy. To ensure a healthy and safe community living, no violence is tolerated amongst students. Any form of gangsterism, group violence, bullying or ragging of any nature will be dealt with seriously. Parents will appreciate that anyone who indulges in violent behaviour towards other students will be referred to the Police or dealt with appropriately.


5. Home Work Policy. The hallmark of SMS Saleha’s boarding system is our Homework Policy. This is scheduled, recorded and monitored.

In line with keeping to our vision and mission, our Counseling Department's services complements the discipline dimension in moulding our students to explore and excel. Allow our Counselors and teachers to nurture your child with the "Highlander Spirit" to become truly an outstanding individual in Malaysian Society.

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